Group Benefits

Over the past 22 years Edgewater Financial has successfully served businesses from as small as 3 employees to as large as 500+. Sue, who is licensed in both Ontario and Alberta, has contracts with the top group insurance carriers in order to get you the best available options for your employee compensation needs.

What makes Edgewater Financial different from other group benefits advisors?
Sue makes a point to go above standard advisor servicing tasks. If you choose Edgewater Sue will,

  • Work with the business owner to come up with a plan that meets their unique business needs with coverage options that are extremely flexible.
  • Understand the value of working with your plan administrators and encourage them to contact her personally whenever they need assistance regarding the benefits.
  • Speak with the plan members personally so they understand what is included in their benefits and how to go about using their coverage.
  • Understand the importance of a well rounded plan by looking at the full picture including rates, expense factors and other offerings such as EAPs.
  • Perform market surveys requesting all insurance carriers quote so she can confidently present your best options
  • Negotiates all rates at renewal.
  • Why Offer Benefits?

    Benefits for Your Employees will Benefit You!

    Benefits You by…

    • Giving you a competitive edge in a saturated job market
    • Helping to build a stronger and more dedicated staff
    • Attracting higher quality candidates
    • Reducing employee turnover
    • Increasing productivity
    • Giving you a significant return on investment
    • Showing potential customers your company takes care of its employees

    Benefits Your Employees by…

    • Providing financial protection by covering costly out of pocket expenses such as prescription drugs
    • Increasing overall job satisfaction
    • Giving employees access to health care benefits such as physio, massage, vision care, dental and mental health resources
Edgewater Financial - Group Benefits

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