Group Retirement Plans

Are you considering adding a Group Retirement plan to your business?

Group retirement plans are a great hiring and retention tool for valued employees as a part of their total compensation package.

Group Retirement plans can be a stand alone service, meaning you don’t have to have a benefits plan in place with Edgewater to set up a Group Retirement plan for your employees.

As part of Edgewater’s exceptional service, Sue will work with plan administrators in setting up the plan, assist the plan members in choosing their investment options and completes regular reveiws.

Group Retirement Highlights:

  • Group plans offer lower fees than individual RRSP plans
  • Employer contributions show the employees that they are valued and is a great hiring and retention tool.
  • There are many different types of plans available such as:
    • Group RRSPs
    • Group RRSP/DPSP (Deferred Profit-Sharing Plan)
    • Defined benefit pension plans
    • TFSA’s
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